22by7 Launches its First Customer Support Portal http://assist.22by7.in to deliver and sustain its quality support and services.    22by7 jointly conducted End customer event on 20th February 2014 along with Symantec at Hotel The Chancery Pavilion.    22by7 jointly conducted End customer event on 19th June 2013 along with EMC at Hotel The Taj Krishna, Hyderabad    22by7 jointly conducted End customer event on 1st August 2013 along with Fortinet at Hotel The Pride, Bangalore.    22by7 jointly conducted End customer event on 10th October 2013 along with NetApp at Hotel The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore.    22by7 Jointly conducted End customer event on 27th June 2014 along with Vmware at Hotel Ritz Carlton, Banaglore.


  • Information Security

    Growing technological integration has called in for a more robust mechanism of information security, we at 22by7 provide our clientele with a multi disciplined infosec solutions, instilling higher immunity levels for their information transmission network

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  • ILM & Cloud

    Data Storage requirements are witnessing an exponential splurge in today’s connected world of Internet and multi link data interactions. This splurge requires balanced and optimized solution to store the data. We at 22by7 provide a techno commercially balanced and optimized data storage solutions, be it on premise or off premise.

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  • Virtualization

    Increasing need for cross functional application interactions calls in for running more computing resources, which are a straight forward call for additional capital expense. Virtualizing the environment is the only way forward for making corporate houses more profitable through decreased Capex and faster ROI’s . At 22by7, we help your organization to unveil the power of virtualization through our systematic process oriented virtualized environment modeling.

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  • Networking

    Experiencing a world where everyone and everything is connected though a wire or a wireless media, is not anymore a story from the fantasy land, perhaps it is essential truth of living. We at 22by7 solutions offer you  better solutions and technologies to enhance and enrich your experience of a digital age.

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  • ASSIST Services

    Having problems in addressing the challenge of need for qualified IT Network Professionals ??

    Having nightmares on broken links and dysfunctional Network??

    Having un reliable and dynamic network issues???

    These are first hand and un addressed problems associated with any IT Network and Admin team of a corporate house !!! All you need is a set of qualified people who are only at job when it is required and hiring them is an additional cost over time. We at 22by7, are a house of qualified and quality support professionals. We help you address all the problems above for which the answer from your side is YES !!

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  • Green and Energy Efficient Data Center Design

    We have been a witness to the global dependency surge on the Internet based functions, which typically involves storage and processing of data on remotely located storage data centers. Technically, the hardware that enables the data being processed or stored in a data center is an exponential function of the demand in data volumes. In such a scenario, where the hardware is being added to the data center on a very fast pace also consumes lot of electrical energy to operate, along with release of enormous amounts of heat energy released as a result from the continuously operating hardware.

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  • Our Vision

    To become the “most trustworthy and reliable IT company” providing expert business continuity solutions that ensures clients’ peace of mind.

  • Our Partnership

    • FORTINET – Silver Partner
    • Symantec- Silver Partner
    • Cisco- Premier Partner
    • Websense- Platinum Partner
    • Landesk- ESP Partner
    • NetApp- Gold Partner
    • EMC – ASN Partner
    • VMware-Enterprise Partner
    • Quantum- Silver Partner
    • Riverbed – Premier Partner
  • Awards & Recognitions

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  • What Clients Say

    Case Studies

    Manipal Hospitals

    Manipal Hospitals Revamps Network Security Infrastructure and Enables BYOD With Fortinet Deployment Strengthens Security at Lower Cost and Gives Doctors and Support Staff Secured Remote Access to Critical Applications.

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