“If you fail, never give up because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning ”
- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Employee Value Propsition

Our work environment is centered around our colours - saffron, white, and green. The colors of the tiranga, of freedom. We are commited to giving each and every member of our team:

Freedom to Explore
We strongly believe that interest is a prerequisite to excellence - You must love what you do to be truly great at it. That's why we give every single team member the freedom to explore as much as they wish to in their roles (and sometimes, even start something new!). Those who take ownership of processes they wish to work upon and improve will find that opportunities to explore are truly limitless at 22by7 Solutions.
Freedom to Fail

We believe that failure is a better teacher than success. Although almost every organization urges its employees to strive for success, we believe in giving our employees the freedom to try something new, to stumble and fall, to learn. Employees at 22by7 Solutions are free to pursue ideas which they believe can positively impact business processes and the people associated with them. Furthermore, our open-door policy ensures that guidance is readily available to employees looking to take ownership of an idea to bring about constructive changes with sincerity.

You will also find many happy faces and helpful hands cheering you on as you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Here, pursuing an idea with the right intent, effort, and attitude is just as important as the result achieved (if not more!). Welcome to a work environment where failures are celebrated rather than frowned upon - because to fail is to learn, to grow.

Freedom to Grow
Every single role in our organization features multiple growth trajectories. We believe that a company's growth is compounded by the growth of its team. At 22by7 Solutions, you have the freedom to grow in the direction you want to grow in. The growth stories of many of our team members are a testament to this.
Our Culture

The central focus for excellent workplaces is the quality of working relationships between people who work in them. There are many important dimensions to building excellent workplaces, however, it is relationships that link these factors together. 22by7 Solutions proudly boasts a team of vibrant and capable individuals that work together, play together, and most importantly - support each other to grow together.


Our aim to build a value-based organizational culture led to the inception of 22by7 Academy - a people development platform that focuses on the holistic development of our professionals.

"Technology, market, and solutions are incidental... It is PEOPLE who drive the success and the scalability of an organization". - Venkat Murthy, Prime Mover

Gurukul, an arm of 22by7 Academy, is a platform that facilitates the training, upskilling, and certifying of our professionals in an effort to realize their true potential in driving world-class customer success.

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