Green and Energy Efficient Data Center Design

We have been a witness to the global dependency surge on the Internet based functions, which typically involves storage and processing of data on remotely located storage data centers. Technically, the hardware that enables the data being processed or stored in a data center is an exponential function of the demand in data volumes. In such a scenario, where the hardware is being added to the data center on a very fast pace also consumes lot of electrical energy to operate, along with release of enormous amounts of heat energy released as a result from the continuously operating hardware. Essentially, by understanding the mode of operation of data centers, these centers also have to be designed to supply such energy requirements without interruption and quality compromises, along with capability to cool the continuously operating hardware systems. Furthermore, it also needs to be understood that the lesser energy the data center consumes, the lesser is the carbon footprint of the data center.

Our technically competent infrastructure engineering professionals along with technically qualified and certified hardware engineers, shall enable you to establish a highly efficient and a green data center through plan to enable; design to commissioning solutions under a single engagement, otherwise which shall involve additional costs to you organization in engaging multiple entities and coordinating multiple entities through multiple in- house resource allocations. All these shall normally involve chaos and extended project turnaround times literally indicating increased time-to-market and its economic inferences.