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  • How We Work

    Delivering a functional environment for IT infrastructure to enable Business Continuity and Emerging Technologies is the raison d’etre of 22by7. We are forerunners in Info Security, ILM & Cloud, Virtualization & Networking domains.

    At 22by7, we are committed and are eminent in the industry to deliver these exponentially emerging verticals, through virtue of quality certified professionals who design, deploy, ASSIST & manage your IT backbone.

Our Vision

To become the “most trustworthy and reliable IT company” providing expert business continuity solutions that ensures clients’ peace of mind.

Our Mission

22by7’s mission is to provide cost-effective IT solutions to enterprises thus ensuring business efficiency, continuity and rapid recovery capabilities.

Our Core Values

    • Value Customer

      Team 22by7 believes in the dictum “Customer comes first” and shall demonstrate it in its actions, interactions and decisions.

    • Corporate Values

      Team 22by7 also holds that protecting the interests of clients, employees & stakeholders is imperative and all decisions will be made keeping this in mind.

    • Business Ethics

      Team 22by7 vows to abide by the eternal values of Trust, Integrity and Mutual Respect in the way it conducts its business.

    • Teamwork

      Team 22by7 recognizes the fact that it is effective and cohesive teamwork which determines business success and will thus ensure this spirit pervades all activities it is engaged in.

    • Growth

      Team 22by7 will do its utmost to enrich the work-life of its team members by providing them opportunity to grow, learn and succeed in realizing their career goals. It is self-evident too since we have a nearly NIL Percentile attrition.

    • Be Innovative

      Team 22by7 believes that it is continuous innovations in our design & service model and proactive resolution of client’s concerns which will ensure success and hence will be aware of this fact at all times.

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